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Rights Catalogue
The Great Book of Healthy Desserts
Brand: Océano Ambar
Author: Ortemberg, Adriana
Volumes: 1
Format: 22.5 x 24 cm
Binding: Hardback + jacket
Pages: 192
Characters: 265000
Illustrations: 100
Printing: Full colour

However delicious a meal is, it is never complete without a dessert that is a pleasure to taste. Nevertheless, many people view desserts as something forbidden, assuming that it must be full of harmful ingredients such as sugar and refined flour, as well as saturated fat.
This unique book presents hundreds of healthy alternatives with which to enjoy sweet foods without causing our bodies any harm. Besides the best recipes of international haute cuisine, Alternative Desserts gives us practical advice on how to include sweet desserts in our daily diet as a source of health, energy and flavour.
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