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Tantric Sex Lessons
The gift of ecstasy through sexuality

Brand: Océano Ambar
Author: Ferrara, Guillermo
Volumes: 1
Format: 17 x 23,3 cm
Binding: Paperback with flaps
Pages: 232
Characters: 483000
Illustrations: 300
Printing: Full colour

The revealed mysteries of oriental sexuality on a path of personal growth that integrates meditative sex and spirituality. The Tantra is a vital path towards spiritual development through sex, love, and meditation. Its origin is to be found in ancestral India, and since then it has illuminated numerous generations of lovers that have penetrated the secret of life, wherever the nectar of happiness is to be found. The practice of Tantra increases energy levels and creativity, besides strengthening the emotional ties with your partner. It is a complete method that allows its practitioners to develop in all aspects of personality: sexuality, intuition, spirituality, diet...
Written by the international maestro Guillermo Ferrara, this practical manual (illustrated with hundreds of photos that explain the exercises step by step) is an invitation to live divine sex for a fuller, more sensual and creative existence.
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