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How to develop your sense of humour
Brand: Océano Ambar
Authors: Torrabadella, Paz / Corrales, José
Volumes: 1
Format: 13.5 x 21 cm
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 216
Characters: 442000
Illustrations: 40
Printing: Black & white

A common characteristic of many successful people is that they know how to treat life as a game. With this perspective, many of our worries and complexes vanish and can confront difficulties in a flexible and creative way.
Our greatest ally confronting the problems of daily life is our ability to smile. This book shows some keys to the .interior content. and teaches us to develop a positive stance before the professional social and sentimental challenges.
Humour is, above all, a state of mind, the art of living. If you wish to adopt an active, creative, healthy and efficient posture in your daily life, this practical manual will teach you through humour to resolve conflicts, find creative solutions, live with optimism and interior joy, adopt new perspectives, fight negative emotions and progress intellectually.
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