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Rights Catalogue
Big dictionary of dreams
Brand: Océano Ambar
Author: Clarke, Martha
Volumes: 1
Format: 17 x 23 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 332
Characters: 740000
Illustrations: 100
Printing: Black & white

Over 2.000 dreams explained. An essential work to plumb the depths of the enigmatic world of dream and know your innermost nature. A comprehensive guide to analysing and interpreting your dreams. The manual features a revealing test about lucid dreaming.
What we dream can solve enigmas of the past, show unknown aspects of our own personality and, even, open up a door to the future. For this reason it is very useful to know its symbols, forged on personal experience and the collective unconscious. It includes: what are dreams for, premonition and prediction, phases of oniric activity, dream types, psychoanalysis and archetypes, the technique Lucid Dreaming, keys for interpreting the meaning of dreams, dreams and meditation, creativity, psychedelia and sorcery, how to make a special pillow and a dream-trap, dream test, famous dreams and how to record ones dreams.
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