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Parents Counsellor. Family Information Programme
Brand: Océano
Volumes: 10
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Binding: Hardcover + jacket
Pages: 2400
Characters: 6320000
Illustrations: 6000
Printing: Full colour
Extra Material: 2 videos, 2 DVD, 1 CD-Rom

An incomparable work, created to offer all parents a practical and useful instrument. Can be consulted for all needs and concerning all subjects that affect family wellbeing. Written by a team of prominent specialists: doctors, psychologists, paediatricians, child-care specialists, educators, sexologists, etc., all of whom are highly experienced in their respective fields. Includes a complete volume dedicated to First Aid (with special emphasis on First Aid for Children).

Modular work: various possible formats
- Pregnancy (1 volume)
- Babies (1 volume)
- Child Health (1 volume)
- Paediatric Guide (1 volume)
- Infant Psychology (1 volume)
- Psychology of adolescence and youth (1 volume)
- Sexual life (1 volume)
- First Aid (1 volume)
- Infant and Child Psycology (2 volumes)
- Maternity and Baby's Care (2 volumes)
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