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The products which make up this catalogue have been carefully selected with a view to possible translations into other languages, responding to the open international and multicultural spirit of our publications.
History of Humanity
Brand: Instituto Gallach
Volumes: 10
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Binding: Hardcover + jacket
Pages: 3960
Characters: 10400000
Illustrations: 7000
Printing: Full colour

History in context. Beliefs, culture, everyday life... 700 plates on specific subjects. 200 drawings of buildings, constructions... 100 routes and places of interest. 50 chronologies.

Titles in the series:

1. Prehistory
2. Egypt and Other Ancient Civilisations
3. Greece
4. Rome
5. The Middle Ages
6. Pre-Columbian America
7. Asia
8. The Modern Ages
9. The 19th Century
10. The Contemporary World
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