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Dictionary of the gods and myths of ancient Egypt
Brand: Océano Ambar
Author: Hart, George
Volumes: 1
Format: 17 x 23 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 274
Characters: 950000
Illustrations: 780
Printing: Full colour

The civilization that rose up on the banks of the Nile four thousand years ago has held a fascinating power over goverments, academics, and the general public since the first expeditions of Napoleon until the present day.
The Dictionary of the gods and myths of ancient Egypt is a reference work for all those that wish to deepen their knowledge in the world of the pharaons and dynasties that built buildings, created religions and rites that continue to bewilder us with each new discovery.
From Ra to Osiris, guiding us through hieroglyphics, and personalities such as Tutankamón or Cleopatra, is the ideal manual to complement other reading or to initiate oneself in the fascinating universe of Egyptology.
Simply written with clarifying terms, this dictionary will facilitate the understanding of the deities, myths and rituals that gave rise to an incredibly advanced culture that we continue trying to decipher.
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