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Rights Catalogue
Great Museums of the World
Brand: Océano
Volumes: 7
Format: 23 x 30 cm
Binding: Hardcover + jacket
Pages: 1680
Characters: 4095000
Illustrations: 1200
Printing: Full colour

The collection Great Museums of the World presents a complete panoramic view by epochs, schools and movements of the most representative immortal art works created by man. These are the works hung in the most important museums in the world. A carefully selected sample of these works complemented by an interesting commentary is presented using state-of-the-art photographic and reproduction techniques, which guarantee the excellent quality of this important collection.

Titles in the series:
The Louvre Museum - The Prado Museum - The Museums of Florence - The National Gallery of London - The Ermitage - The Vatican Museum - The Museums of New York

Derivative formats:
· The Hermitage Museum
· The Louvre Museum
· The Prado Museum
· The Vatican Museum
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